If you love the idea of the Fake Hostel and you wonder who is behind it, the answer is the creators of the FakeHub.

Need a ride? No problem with Fake Taxi! 😉

It is a network that includes a number of eight websites with huge success on the Internet. Fake Taxi, Fake Agent, Fake Hospital, Fake Cop, Fake Hub Originals, Public Agent, Fake Agent UK and Female Agent are the 8 sites of the network.

Fake Taxi is all about the kinky experiences lived by taxi drivers who pick up all kinds of horny and naughty women, gals and couples from the streets of European cities. They get fucked, watch couples fucking on their car’s back seat or join them, getting paid for the ride with a blowjob and a cock riding, and so on.

Fake Agent is all about the sexy gals and couples whose main desire is to become porn stars. They only have to prove to the Fake Agent about their skills by doing what they know best: sex with him. Lucky agent, isn’t he? Fake Hospital is the place where the most gorgeous girls and women come with different problems and they go completely cured through the magical formula called sex with the doctor.

Fake Cop presents us the sexual adventures of a so called ‘sergeant’ whose uniform and look attracts many bad chicks and women who want to do be punished by this agent’s hard cock.

Fake Hub Originals is the perfect place for those loving roleplaying and watching the most creative adult scenarios with erotic blondes, horniest redheads, Latinas with big tits, exotic ebony babes and so on.

Hello, lady…

Public Agent is the place where you can see how many European girls do anything to become a top model. This agent shows them money, promises them contracts and fame and in exchange, he has a lot of sex with them.

On the Fake Agent UK website, we can have a lot of excitement watching so many videos with such hot girls calling this ‘agent’ to help them enter into the world of the adult movies. These girls and women are ready to show this ‘agent’ all of their skills that recommend them for the pornographic industry, and he is the one who takes all the advantages.

Beautiful and horny women can be watched in action on the Female Agents website. These are ‘agents’ looking for young people who have the potential of becoming stars. Fresh girls, sexy studs, nerds or nasty babes, all of them ready to pleasure their agents for what they dream of.

With such an impressive ‘collection’ of websites, it would have been a shame for the creators of FakeHub not to have a Fake Hostel page too! After fucking a taxi driver or meeting the ‘agent’ that promises girls to make them famous, maybe these girls want to take a room. And what a better option could be for them than the Fake Hostel? The fantasy had to be completed and it is now, by adding FakeHostel to this network.